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23 August 2011 / lipsmooth

It’s Not Too Early To..

buy a nikah dress?

Dah lama berangan-angan nak baju nikah yang flowy, dan ber-butterfly wings. KeKeJians would say “So You Hornie”. I found one on Ebay few months ago, (salahkan Farrah Nodee, i never believed in Ebay before she showed me some of the to-die-for wedding dresses sold there) and it was exactly like how i dreamt it would be. Cewah gewdiwks taw.

Anyway, Papa Mama dah belikan pun kat Jeddah masa pergi umrah haritu. Masa papa keluarkan dari  luggage and tanya “Ni siapa punya niiii?” sambil tersengih, my heart swooooooooped and voice go all high-pitch (mind you, memang dah originally high pitched tapi soft spoken gitewww)


“Entah, tunggu Mama la.”

haish. saspen betul. but it’s mine anyway hehe.

wanted to keep it to myself, but how can i resist not to share with uols KeKeJians. plus Farrah and Sally Mia da tengok semalam. and Kak Fareeza and Kak Wani. and Azmir. and  my sisters. my BIL. my parents toksah cakap la kan. my nieces and nephew. my sister’s maid.

So this is how it looks like (minus the plunging neckline and the sheer sleeves):

pic courtesy of Ebay

 with a touch of this:



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  1. teq / Aug 24 2011 1:10 pm

    Omaigodd cepat la semua tayang bajuuu goodieeee bg aku pressure siket nak kawennnnnn!

    aku rase aku maken emo@makin tua. nanges kay tgk post ni. sweetttttt gilerrrr kottt baju kawwwww nyahhhh!

    okay giler poyo nangis tgk baju kawen korang. bye ah. hate yousssssss!! :*

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